About me


Helping you to help yourself

My name is Inge Schumacher and I live with my family in Hamburg. I love to support people on their personal unique paths. And I am really good at this. I also provide assistance so you can help yourself. For more than 10 years I have been working as a specialist for the invisible. My talent is to detect energetic blockages in the body and in life, examine the causes and help my clients, individuals as well as teams, to remove them.

When you work with me you can go on a discovery tour. I offer you new perspectives on yourself and your situation that can open up new options and possibilities. With more information it is easier to take action.

Because of my long experience I am an expert in self-empowerment and high sensitivity. You can book me for webinars and workshops and for talks on personal development.

My philosophy

I am convinced that everything is connected and that we are all important for the greater good. We live in the time of cooperation and empowerment. My motto is: We have all we need; we just have to use it.

How I became a healing practitioner

I always enjoyed analysing and structuring complex problems. I have an MBA in business administration and worked for 9 years in controlling and consulting. My daughter helped me to find my calling. As a toddler she developed asthma and had to inhale cortisol daily for one year. When the doctors told me that she would have to do this for the rest of her life I immediately searched for alternative healing methods.

I met a healer who helped us to get rid of her and also my allergies. That was a big improvement in our quality of life. My daughter doesn´t miss her asthma and I can eat cherries and enjoy blooming meadows again.

I learned energy healing in 2007 and there discovered my extraordinary talent for sensitive perception. Since then I have been working in alternative healing professionally. In 2011 I passed my exam as a healing practitioner (Heilpraktiker) by the German health authorities and have been working in my own practise. You can see my extensive CV on LinkedIn.

Heart Projects

In my blog The Fairy Tale Dimension I concentrate on behind the scenes information on fairy tales and on personal development.

I work with refugees and volunteer as a mentee. I wrote a very personal blog-article about my experiences: Show True Compassion not Pity.

I am a big fan of Iceland and have organized wonderful workshops for women in the Westfjords. Iceland for me is the ideal place to let go and be myself. I am studying the language and I twitter about Iceland Islandfrauen