About me


How I became a healer

My daughter helped me to find my calling. As a toddler my oldest daughter developed asthma and inhaled cortisol daily for one year. The doctors told me that she would have to do this for the rest of her life. I immediately searched for alternative healing methods. I met a healer who helped us to get rid of her and also my allergies. That was a big improvement in our quality of life. My daughter doesn´t miss her asthma and I can eat cherries again and enjoy blooming meadows.

In 2007 I learned energy healing and discovered my extraordinary talent for perception. Since then I have been working in alternative healing professionally. In 2011 I passed my exam as a healing practicioner by the German health authorities. You can read more on my sensitivity here.

My new path

Before the birth of my three children I worked in business. I completed my MBA and did controlling and consulting for 9 years. In my practise for Physio-Energy I combine my expertise in international project management and my centeredness with my exceptional sensitivity. I am very grateful to have found my calling. It is satisfying and makes me very happy to support and accompany people on their unique paths. I am happy about every progress and every new insight of my clients. I am still grateful for this gift of change.

Heart Projects

I am a big fan of Iceland and organized wonderful trips for women in the Westfjords. Iceland for me is the ideal place to let go and be myself. I am studying the language and I twitter about Iceland Islandfrauen.

Follow my adventures in the fairy tale dimension on my blog: I concentrate on behind the scenes information and on personal development.

The Fairy Tale Dimension

I volunteer as a German teacher for Lemsahl-hilft at the refugee camp in my part of town. I wrote a very personal blog-article about my work with refugees Show True Compassion not Pity.

Lemsahl hilft