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"I can laugh again!" answered E. when I asked her how she was doing two weeks after the treatment.

Thank you so much for your sensitive coaching.

After only one hour I got many new ideas and insights. My theme of life and my goals are much more in my focus now. I will follow some important impulses and I am supported in my view that I am allowed to follow my talents and do more of the things that are easy for me. I will definitely look for things that make me smile.

C. (Dresden)

The energetic house cleaning had the effect of harmonising our family life and we all sleep much better. The problems with our neighbour have been reduced.

G. (Hamburg)

I have been suffering from tension in my jaw for half a year. A thorough energetic anamnesis uncovered its hidden causes. I was shown a strategy how to work with these . I have learned to see the tension as a sign and not as a disability. Since then my symptoms have improved considerably.

Dörte (Berlin)

Inge worked with my 5-year-old daughter. Inge listened, understood, encouraged, found causes and shared new insights and tips; gentle, in a trustful atmosphere and simply wonderful. Thank you!

K. (Hamburg)

I had no idea what energy-work was when I consulted Inge while searching for a new orientation for my professional life. "I put parts of your soul back together" was very new to me.

Her authentic, natural, calm, confident and very appreciative manner gave me a very comfortable feeling at all times. It was great to concentrate on feelings and let rationality aside for once. Inge made me curious to explore more. She also conveyed the trust that everything I need is simply there. I recommend her highly.

Simone (Hamburg)

I had a problem with receding gums and found out that I was clenching my teeth at night. I didn´t know why I did it and asked Inge. She gave me background information and helped to helped me to address the situation. The treatment (via skype) lasted only half an hour. My gums don´t recede any more and surprisingly I sleep much better.

Harry (Netherlands)