You feel stuck?

You care for a new view of yourself and your situation and search for support?

You found the right person. My talent is to make the invisible tangible for you. I offer you information about yourself from a totally different perspective.

I am an expert in identifying causes for blockages in your body and your life. With my energy-work I support you in actively solving your problems and achieving your goals. I help you to bring back the flow in your life as an individual, as a family or as a team.

Our reality is changing

Strategies that have worked in the past often don´t fit any more. I help you to understand why this is the case and offer information that enable you to help yourself.

Are you highly sensitive?

Many of my clients are extraordinarily sensitive and often don´t fit in the normal moulds and boxes. I know from my own experience what this is like and offer you a safe haven in my practise.

If you want to know more about

energetic house cleaning

check here.

Are you interested in how I can support you? Talk to me! I offer you a free half-hour telephone or skype session.

I do one on one consultations, articles, workshops and talks on personal development and work with clients from around the globe.


Since I want to have enough time for you please plan 1,5 hours for your first therapy session.

It is important to heal the body including the soul and the soul including the body

(Oscar Wilde)